Gray handknit men's wool winter hat

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Product Description

This lightweight wool hat will pull its weight when called into action. It is light enough to wear every day and will make you look good all the while keeping you warm. Mornings start off chilly, and you need to be able to pull on a lightweight wool hat that will insulate well, and that won't need a bunch of fussing to pull on. This gray hat will do exactly that.

Lightweight, but since it's made from 100% wool it insulates fabulously.

Hand knit from light gray wool
Fits most heads up to 23"
If you need a hat to fit 24" or larger, please order the large size, and I will be glad make it up for you.

Gray handknit men's wool winter hat Gray handknit men's wool winter hat

Just What You Needed

Nothing is more comforting or appreciated than a personally handmade hat, pair of hand knit mittens or fingerless gloves. They are always so warm, comfortable and made with care. Try a hat or a pair of mittens for yourself or as a gift & I'm sure you will be back! I use high quality yarn from small farms whenever I can.