Men's gray wool hat

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Product Description

What do you love to do? Hiking, walking, geocaching, skiing? This hat will be great no matter what adventure you choose! Lightweight, but warm this hat will be able to be rolled up and stowed until you need it. This hat is also great because of the water absorbing properties of wool. Wool can absorb several times its weight in liquid before actually feeling wet. Then, if that weren't enough, the wool the allows the moisture to evaporate; safely keeping you warm without getting a chill.

*A great, all around hat
*Handmade with 100% wool
*Light weight, but warm
*Color matches everything
*(shh, she can wear it too!)
*Easy care

Care: hand wash at the end of the season in a sink with some shampoo. Roll in a towel, step on it and lay it on a heater register to dry.

Pick your size!
Medium head - 22-24"
Large head - 24+"

Just What You Needed

Nothing is more comforting or appreciated than a personally handmade hat, pair of hand knit mittens or fingerless gloves. They are always so warm, comfortable and made with care. Try a hat or a pair of mittens for yourself or as a gift & I'm sure you will be back! I use high quality yarn from small farms whenever I can.