Mens heavy blue wool skull cap

$44.99 USD



Product Description

Regular size for 23" heads
Large size for 24" (+ or -) head

A knit hat that is the thickest I make (to date!) and is surprisingly soft. Traditionally knit from the bottom up this mens skull cap has 2 layers of knitting over your ears to keep them warm and is made with 100% wool.

Constructed from yarn that is 100% wool.

Care: Hand wash in the sink with a bit of shampoo, roll in a towel to absorb excess moisture and lay on the heater register to dry by the next day.

Just What You Needed

Nothing is more comforting or appreciated than a personally handmade hat, pair of hand knit mittens or fingerless gloves. They are always so warm, comfortable and made with care. Try a hat or a pair of mittens for yourself or as a gift & I'm sure you will be back! I use high quality yarn from small farms whenever I can.