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Gray handknit men's wool winter hat


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Mens navy blue wool beanie hat


Item collection 24c8db0c 272d 463d 9d2f 24a391d62f3f

Men's gray wool hat


Item collection a3ad38b8 a3d6 4da7 bb36 30c723556013

Mens wool winter hats - black, red, green, light gray, navy blue, dark gray


Item collection 5550f0d5 7bb3 4441 9938 d16b79723131

Mens red wool winter hat


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Mens denim blue wool beanies


Item collection fdb3519d e0ce 4749 979f 804abb0edd4a

Mens knitted winter hats - hand knit from medium grey wool


Item collection 08f39201 f2d5 4fce 9073 7d38a818276e

Mens or womens handknit winter hat


Item collection 1a998d34 d854 4999 ae62 1c1100ebb0ad

Mens green wool hat


Just What You Needed

Nothing is more comforting or appreciated than a personally handmade hat, pair of hand knit mittens or fingerless gloves. They are always so warm, comfortable and made with care. Try a hat or a pair of mittens for yourself or as a gift & I'm sure you will be back! I use high quality yarn from small farms whenever I can.