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Womens brown tweed wool mittens, hand knit


Item collection 3b3799a5 f741 413d a5ab 617ac151ab40

Womens red wool mittens, hand knit from hand dyed wool


Item collection dbe7ccfd eff1 4301 9432 ec9cfbe624fe

Womens brown wool mittens, hand knit, knitted


Item collection 08f39201 f2d5 4fce 9073 7d38a818276e

Mens or womens handknit winter hat


Item collection 2625c75f 9a49 49e0 a275 b0fc3f91a7d5

Womens warm wool mittens, light grey


Item collection 8e171bd1 7391 4cd1 8fd0 80b67d20fbe4

Womens hand knit green wool mittens, pistachio


Item collection e15fc3ad 2a40 44c0 84da e704efb51e2c

Womens brown wool mittens, hand knit, knitted


Item collection 8fc6bdfa d124 451a bf52 2af1bfd3dc99

Womens blue wool mittens, hand knit, knitted, rustic


Item collection 2bd3d2ce 9730 448b a118 1606f57f5dd4

Womens yellow gold wool mittens - hand knit


Item collection 068c7938 69d3 43af 9ae4 fb633fc640da

Womens purple wool mittens


Item collection 4ad4010f fce2 421e beac 2e6a9d4206e2

Natural undyed wool mittens, womens


Item collection 4355941 original

Knit cowl neck warmer, blue, wool


Item collection 4356002 original

Scarf - colorful wool


Just What You Needed

Nothing is more comforting or appreciated than a personally handmade hat, pair of hand knit mittens or fingerless gloves. They are always so warm, comfortable and made with care. Try a hat or a pair of mittens for yourself or as a gift & I'm sure you will be back! I use high quality yarn from small farms whenever I can.